Mergers and Acquisitions

The effect that organisational change management can have on employee morale

Employee engagement through an acquisition can be increasingly challenging

  • Lack of understanding of business strategy and goals
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Multiple sites including cross site leadership

Mergers & Acquisitions offer many benefits to the growth and sustainability of many organisations. However, in order to make the transition work smoothly and effectively for your employees, you cannot solely focus on financial projections, organisational charts and contracts. It is essential to consider and address the impact this major change will have on employees.

A few common emotions go through the mind of employees when they hear of or are in the midst of a merger or acquisition; fear of job loss, anxiety, grief, pride, selfishness, excitement, and competitiveness. These mixed emotions need to be handled with care.

Corresponding strategies need to be developed to tackle the after-effects of these emotions as you aim to engage your workforce during this significant time of change and uncertainty.

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Is your organisation a great place to work?

There are key indicators that can provide the basis for your plans to improve your work culture.

How we can improve knowledge and understanding of business goals and strategy

Being acquired is scary especially when you don’t understand the business you are now part of or why your previous company has been acquired. 

Our Solution

To ensure that newly acquired team members know where to go to educate themselves about there new organisation. This can be uploaded to the knowledge section and tagged as “acquisitions”. Making them feel immediately welcome and well informed. The news section allows people to keep up to date with company announcements and also a great place to welcome newly enquired team mates.

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How to create reassurance around the future

Often people can begin to look for other roles soon after being acquired because they cannot understand where they fit in the new organisation or what the future might hold for them. They may have a new leader, be part of a new team and can often feel completely out of their depth.

Our Solution

Forming strong relationships with your team through regular consistent 121’s means leaders have insight into the concerns of the team and can begin to reassure them, meaning they are less likely to look elsewhere.

How to engage your people across multiple sites?

Often being an acquisitive business means having multiple sites geographically dispersed across the country. Maintaining a consistent message across the whole group can be time consuming difficult to manage and leave employees feeling disconnected.

Our Solution

Our real time praise section is a fun and easy way to recognise and get to know colleagues. Wherever they are based, regardless of whether you get to meet them.

Regular communication is critical for establishing and maintaining engagement with any employee. But keeping in touch with off-site team members or people on the road can sometimes feel forced and can lead to remote or lone workers feeling disengaged, isolated and undervalued. Engage Your People make it easy to go the extra mile and give those employees an easy and transparent way to communicate regularly with the rest of the business.

Performance and morale does not need to dip just because people are not in the same place, our platform maintains relationships in an efficient and sustainable way.

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It takes 3 simple steps

It takes 3 simple steps. Our platform is designed for easy adoption. No matter what role you do, your location or skillset.

A simple user experience with visual reporting tracks interaction between leaders and their teams; valuable to the individual and a key asset for the organisation on how to support and reward your people.

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    Sign up to the platform
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    Download and customise
  • 3


    Engage your people

Simple to adopt,easy to use, see results straight away

This is what people say about us!

We’ve learnt simple changes to our people’s experience and lift their engagement on the spot by understanding individually what was motivating them and demotivating them. ​
Kate Brunning
Kate Brunning
Director of People at Virtual 1

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