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The voice of the employee.

engage, an all in one platform that blends sentiment and analytics to enhance your culture.


"55% of workers who feel their employer cares about their well-being want to stay at their company for 10 years or more vs 33% who don't."

Gartner, Inc

Mental Wellbeing

communicate. motivate. support.

Identify when your people are feeling under pressure or not valued, allowing organisations to support their people through engage.

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Diversity and Inclusion

empathy. heard. recognition.

Support the modern workplace; multi-site businesses, flexible working, homeworkers and people who don’t work in an old style office environment. 

Praise Knowledge Mobile

Confident Leadership

review. reflect. move-on.

Empower leaders to see their whole area at a higher vantage point; comparing team performance across the organisation.

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Getting Started

With support from the engage team

Start small by rolling out engage in senior leadership and 2 other diverse teams within your organisation. 

During the pilot phase, our clients found success by selecting two teams within their organisation on either side of the engagement scale. 


Empower your People

Immersive engagement for the user

Create awareness by announcing your organisations engage program and be clear why the business is investing in its culture. 

Your people will be able to praise colleagues across the organisation, communicate with leadership in new ways, track performance over time and access knowledge and learning all within engage.

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Low Learning Curve

Input and insight

No matter a person's IT literacy, term of employment, location or skillset; engage is designed for easy adoption.

A simple user experience with simple visual reporting tracks interaction between leaders and directs; becoming valuable over time to the individual and a key asset for the organisation on how to support and reward your people.


Simple Pricing Model

60-day free pilot

Learn the value of organisation-wide praise, routine 1-2-1's and data insights from your people

£3 per user per month

Only pay for active users

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