Road Map

What we're working on and what we have planned for the future


Brand refresh

Improve the overall User Interface and apply the new Engage Your People brand throughout the web app. We’ll be creating a more cohesive look and feel for the web app, and the launch of the IOS and Android apps

Sentiment Words

The sentiment words that form a key part of your 121 will be able to be chosen outside of the monthly 121 so you can temperature check your teams at any time of the month.

Choose when you do your 121

At the moment, most people do 121s monthly but we want to offer you to chance to do 121s whenever you choose.

Editable email addresses

Users with the Manage Users permission will be able to edit email addresses in user records. You’ll be able to update users where there has been a typo in the email address or if a user’s email address has changed.

Use your Voice

A Digital suggestion box, so anyone can put forward anonymous ideas


Active Directory integration

We will be introducing the option for you to integrate with your Active Directory so that users can sign in with their Microsoft account. You’ll also be able to sync your user records with Active Directory.

Microsoft Teams integration

We are very excited to announce we will be providing various integrations with Microsoft Teams. At this stage this will be dependent on your organisation integrating with Active Directory

Analytics Enhancements

We’re looking to overhaul the Analytics areas to make it easier for you to get an overview of the company data, as well as improving how you can drill down to view more granular information. We have some fantastic dashboards on the way to you very soon which will drive both engagement and performance.


Two Factor Authentication

We're planning on introducing 2FA to engage regardless of whether your organisation integrates Active Directory or uses the engage authentication system. Organisations will be able to opt in or out of using 2FA.

Expected release: Q4 2020

Annual Goal setting

Allow your users to set long term goals with the ability to update progress and submit to their leader for review.

Next actions

We’ll be moving Next Actions outside 121s so that your users can update them throughout the month. They’ll still be visible and editable from the 121 each month but we’re hoping this will encourage more regular monitoring of progress and performance.

Like it, Love it

The ability to like news items and comment on them.