How the platform works

People analytics track your organisation trends over time

Where others focus on surveys as the marker of your culture, we have designed a product based on interaction between people.

It is working with organisations who invest in their culture and can see Engage as a tool to assist in creating a motivated, informed, open and honest workplace that excites us most.

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How the platform works?

Our platform delivers powerful people analytics and insight, that will assist you to drive change and accelerate the performance of your employees.

Through intelligent use of keywords, a real time sentiment score is generated with analytics.

This score allows leaders to fully understand how employees feel about themselves. Highlighting both high and low performing teams enabling you to identify employees who may need extra support or be at risk of leaving the organisation.

Identify when your people are feeling under pressure or not valued, allowing organisations to support people.

Being engaged means being emotionally committed to work goals. To care about results, the company and customers

72% of employees

do not understand their company strategy; but when they do understand it can profit the business 4 times more.

IBM and Bain & Company

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What is a 121?

  • A 121 is a short, regular meeting (virtual or physical) with your leader to speak about your performance, give and receive feedback, as well as agree actions for the month ahead. 
  • It’s a positive experience and people look forward to it. The 121 takes place within the first two weeks of each month (option of quarterly).  
  • The invite needs to be sent as a calendar invite so the person can complete their 121 beforehand, giving the leader time to digest the information and prepare for the meeting (virtual or physical).  


Why score Attitude, Energy, Knowledge and Performance?  

  • We believe if you have the right Attitude, Energy and Knowledge you will perform to the best of your ability. 
  • Attitude.  We believe people should have a positive attitude towards coming to work and the challenges it presents. We want you to enjoy work, enjoy the journey and learn from the challenges our growth creates… 
  • Energy. We want people to work hard, work accurately and with speed. 
  • Knowledge. We expect people to take responsibility for their own personal development. 
  • Performance. We expect people to consistently achieve targets.  

How does the scoring mechanism work?

  • We operate a scoring system out of 5 within the 1-2-1 for you and your leader, this enables everyone to work to the same expectations and ensures consistency across the whole business.  
  • 5: Great 4: Good 3: Average — would be of some concern and needs to improve within 2 months we will offer support to help you. 2: Poor or 1: Very Poor   
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It takes 3 simple steps

It takes 3 simple steps. Our platform is designed for easy adoption. No matter what role you do, your location or skillset.

A simple user experience with visual reporting tracks interaction between leaders and their teams; valuable to the individual and a key asset for the organisation on how to support and reward your people.

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    Sign up to the platform
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    Download and customise
  • 3


    Engage your people

Simple to adopt,easy to use, see results straight away

This is what people say about us!

Really impressed with the product and impact it can have and the energy and commitment demonstrated by the leadership team. A new product for a new age.
Julie Simpson
Julie Simpson
Founder and CEO at ResourceiT Consulting Ltd

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