Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive environments

A modern work place requires diversity of thinking to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

  • Old fashion ways of recruiting mean that many teams lack cognitive diversity 
  • Lone and remote workers are now something impacting many organisations 
  • You need your workforce to resemble your customer base

This means treating everybody and their ideas with respect.

Discrimination and bias are not just confined to gender and include inequality towards all people from all backgrounds.

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Is your organisation a great place to work?

There are key indicators that can provide the basis for your plans to improve your work culture.

How can you remove bias from appraisals?

Why does the type of feedback provided to people of different nationalities, genders and backgrounds matter? Hidden biases arise Engage Your People can help you provide employee feedback with consistency and confidence.

Our Solution

Engage provides a framework so that all managers are able to give consistent feedback through a standardised framework, meaning our 121’s are carefully structured to ensure that everyone has the same experience. Research has shown that there can be stark difference in the feedback that men received compared to women.

We want to change this and Engage is the tool to do so. Inclusive appraisals for everyone mean everyone has the same chance of achieving success and therefore supporting your business diversity and inclusion policies.

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How do you make everyone feel included wherever they work

A challenge of a modern business is to ensure everyone feels included regardless of if they are out on the road, work from home, in another country or based on a customer site.

Our Solution

Everything within our platform is designed to make every employee feel included which will help achieve diversity within the organisation. 

  • 121's - Build relationships, track performance and give insight to how employee are feeling.
  • News - Keep in touch wherever you are, on any mobile device with what’s happening, making you feel part of a team.
  • Praise - Thank team members, celebrate success in a fun, easy way to give reward and recognition.

How can you have a better understanding of your customer base?

Your employees should reflect your customer base, a successful business will have a diverse customer base and therefore have a workforce to mirror this.

In retail, your employees are interacting with customers face to face, providing a visible indication of your company values. Research shows customers certainly appreciate companies that appear to value them. 71% of LGBT individuals prefer to buy goods from LGBT-friendly companies. 87% of differently abled individuals are more likely to buy from companies that employ other differently abled individuals.

Our Solution

Giving clear targets to individuals means that people can thrive and progress within a business based on their attitude, energy, knowledge and performance regardless of there ability, education, background, gender, race, sexual orientation or region.

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It takes 3 simple steps

It takes 3 simple steps. Our platform is designed for easy adoption. No matter what role you do, your location or skillset.

A simple user experience with visual reporting tracks interaction between leaders and their teams; valuable to the individual and a key asset for the organisation on how to support and reward your people.

  • 1


    Sign up to the platform
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    Download and customise
  • 3


    Engage your people

Simple to adopt,easy to use, see results straight away

This is what people say about us!

We’ve learnt simple changes to our people’s experience and lift their engagement on the spot by understanding individually what was motivating them and demotivating them. ​
Kate Brunning
Kate Brunning
Director of People at Virtual 1

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