The Engage Story 

How to become a Sunday Times Top 100 Company to Work for...


How Engage Your People was born. 

The Engage Your People platform was born at Chess (born 1993) are an IT, telecoms and Cyber Security business with 40,000 business customers. Through a series of technology acquisitions Chess completely transformed their commercial offering from old to new world. Their vision of being ‘one team’, was easy when they had one site. Having grown to 550 people, based over 7 sites across the UK, including home workers, flexible workers, part time workers, people on maternity or paternity who want to stay in touch and people based abroad. Chess were growing and they needed to take their people with them. An incredibly performance driven business needing to embrace new technology, to make the old world to new world transition work, to allow employees and customers to grow, to transform into a modern workplace, with a highly engaged workforce. Using the winning methodology Engage Your People was created. 


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How Chess made that change and became the number one company to work for in the UK?

We needed to engage the people, yet worryingly Gallup show that only 13% of employees are considered ‘highly engaged but even worse 26% of employees are considered ‘actively disengaged.’ Leading a team of Cultural Ambassadors to drive this change we embedded our cultural engagement strategy with at the heart of it.

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Our solution

We created the Engage Your People Platform - using our knowledge and real-life experience and Microsoft technology to improve the performance and everyday lives of the Chess people and now we want to engage people in every organisation. Consistency and rigour are the back bone of our cultural methodology, based on open and honest communication.

The Engage Your People platform drives modern communication, people tell Engage how they feel, and then Engage Your People tells them how they “really” feel.

Through the intelligent use of sentiment scoring, we know when people aren’t feeling valued and cared for, Engage Your People, often know when people are no longer engaged before they know this themselves.

Tracking performance, and importantly using this to remove non-performers from the business, we all know what a challenge it can be to have someone in a job who doesn’t have the correct attitude, energy or skill, the Engage platform provides this insight for you.

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The result

Improved retention, productivity, and brand, empowered our people to work in a modern way. It started to pay off as employees have voted Chess into the UK Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for list.

For over a decade and in 2018 were finally No 1. We know using methodology can get you listed in the top 100 places to work in the UK.

This is what people say about us!

  • Steve Anderson
    We have evidence simple changes to our people’s experience and lift their engagement on the spot by understanding individually what was motivating them and demotivating them. ​
    Steve Anderson Programme and Production Manager at The Baird Group
  • Bridget Stidworthy
    Every person has been given the tools to make the company aware of how they feel. ​
    Bridget Stidworthy Head of People Services at AQUARIUM Software
  • Emma Scott
    Engage is simple to use, it is flexible, as you can access on multiple devices. It helps me manage my people with clarity and ease.
    Emma Stott Customer Service Director at Chess

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