Frequently Asked Questions

For everyone
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How do I get in touch if something isn't working correctly?
Please review our FAQs first but if that doesn't solve your problem you can access our support team by emailing or by clicking on the life ring icon from the engage navigation bar - please provide as much detail as possible and include screenshots where relevant.
Who can sign up?
engage is open to organisations of all sizes! One authorised representative from your organisation should sign up through our website and create a user account and company profile. They will then be able to invite more users from their organisation and manage user roles/permissions.
I've signed up for engage but I haven't received an email.
Please check your spam or clutter folder in your email client. If the email isn't there then please try signing up again. If you still don't receive an email then send our support team an email.
What browsers are compatible with the application?
engage has been built to work in all modern browsers.
It has been tested specifically in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11 and Safari across multiple devices and screen sizes.
Does the site work on an iPhone or Android phone?
Yes - please visit engage using the browser on your mobile device.
How do I feedback suggestions to you?
Any feedback should be submitted via the email address found on the Contact page of engage:
Does the application time out?
The application should renew your session automatically. If you experience any error notifications or problems loading pages you should try either refreshing the page or clicking on your user image on the top left and selecting "Sign out", which will then redirect you to the login page to sign in again.
If I realise I have made a mistake in my 121 after I have sent it to my leader, can I or my leader rectify the mistake?
Submitted 121s are not editable so make sure you review your 121 before completing it.
Some of the details in my user profile are incorrect; how can I update these?
Please contact your administrator to update user details.
Can I save my 121 at any point and come back to it later?
Yes just click on the save button, the application will indicate with a save message when complete.
What is the sentiment analysis score?
We analyse text content in your 121 to determine your overall sentiment for the month using a scale of 1 through 5, where 1 is least positive and 5 is most positive.
I am concerned other people can read what I have written, who has access?

Certain users (Who have full admin rights) can see everything, data export and the dashboard for all users these would typically be somebody from the HR team or the CEO. They should be advised that the data is confidential and should only be looked at if concerns have been raised about a team or individual.

Why score Attitude, Energy, Knowledge and Performance?

We believe if you have the right Attitude, Energy and Knowledge you will perform to the best of your ability.

Attitude. We expect our people to have a positive attitude towards coming to work and the challenges it presents. We want you to enjoy work, enjoy the journey and learn from the challenges our growth creates..

Energy. We expect all our people to work hard, work accurately and with speed.

Knowledge. We expect our people to take responsibility for their own personal development.

Performance. We expect our people to consistently achieve targets.

How does the scoring mechanism work?

We operate a scoring system out of five within the 1-2-1 for you and your leader, this enables everyone to work to the same expectations and ensures consistency across the whole business.

5: Great 4: Good 3: Average — would be of some concern and needs to improve within 2 months or a disciplinary process will begin. 2: Poor or 1: Very Poor — will automatically start disciplinary action.

If I get high scores all year will I get a promotion or a pay rise?

While that would be nice 😊 We advise that when people apply for a promotion or a pay rise that the 121 data over the previous 12 months is taken into account.

What is a 121?

A 1-2-1 is a short, regular meeting (virtual or physical) with your leader to speak about your performance, give and receive feedback, as well as agree actions for the month ahead.

It’s a positive experience and people look forward to it. The 121 takes place withing the first two weeks of each month (we will in future give the option of quarterly).  The invite needs to be sent as a calnedar invite so the person can complete their 121 beforehand, giving the leader time to digest the information and prepare for the meeting (virtual or physical).

Why do we have to do a 121 every month?

We believe that regularity and consistency are the best way to drive performance, focus, and most importantly ensure that you build a strong relationship with your employees and that they feel valued and cared for.

Do you fill in the form before or during the meeting?

Yes, we advise that you complete the 121 form in good time, so that your team leader can read it prior to meeting and prepare for their response, which will be added to the form during the meeting.  It is advised to put a calendar placeholder for the same time each month to complete your 121.

For leaders
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I am a leader and I cannot see my directs in engage.
Please check with your administrator that your directs have been invited to join engage and that they have set up their user profile.
I am going to be off for 4 weeks who will do my team 121s?

If you (or your direct reports ) are off for a short period of time (up to 2 weeks) we advise you wait and complete it on the return to work, to ensure continuity. If you are going to be off for a longer period of time you can ask the person with admin rights to allocate your team to another team leader but when you come back to work this would need to be manually reversed.

Do you have to be in the same room as the person? We have a lot of remote workers, would it work?

The meeting can be in a meeting room in an office or it can be more informal, perhaps a walk (using engage on a mobile device). Engage is perfect for remote workers and is so easy to use over Skype/the phone. It does however help if both parties have the completed form in front of them, so they can refer back to it. The leader must fill in their part and complete their scoring during the meeting so it can be discussed openly and honestly.

How long should a 121 last?

We recommend that a 121 should never last more than 30 minutes, if it does then this could mean you are not communicating regularly enough during the rest of the month.  Some leaders choose to complete the 121 without meeting but complete the 121 with feedback and then speak with their direct for 15-30 minutes to review.

What should you aim to achieve during the 121?

The aim of the 121 is to continually focus on your performance, to ensure that you are documenting if you have completed what you set out to do for the previous month, and why you haven’t , if you haven’t, set goals to achieve for the coming month and celebrate what you have achieved.

What if someone scores themselves a 5 for performance but haven’t achieved any of the previous months actions?

Any unachieved actions should be justified and moved on to next months goals, this ensures they don’t get forgotten. If actions are continually not being achieved this would need to reviewed and may lead to performance management process.  A 5 for performance would only be scored if the previous months actions had all been completed, and the person had displayed consistently strong performance.

For administrators
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How do I invite people to join my organisation in engage?
Users can be created in the Admin area of engage either by creating individual records or by importing in bulk.
Creating a user will automatically send an email inviting the user to join engage.
I created a user with the wrong email address. How do I fix it?
Email addresses cannot be edited after creation. You can disable the user and create a new one with the correct email address.
Why do I have to add two images to news articles and where can I see them?
The layout of the news list page requires different sized images depending on the order of the list. We ask for two images so that you can pick images that look good on both.
You can view the news list by clicking on the News box on the homepage.
I am using IE11 and I cannot create or save news articles, what should I do?
Currently in IE11 if you select the same image for both the large and small image on news items it will not allow you to save or create. We are working on a fix for this but in the meantime, you should find that the issue is resolved if you move/resize the cropper on the small image. Please note that the issue occurs only in IE11.
I've changed the company logo but it hasn't updated for me or my users.
You may need to sign out and sign in again or close and re-open your browser to see the logo update. If the problem persists please get in touch with our support team.
Knowledge item links and external news article links aren't working.
Please ensure you type the full url into the text box including 'https://' or 'http://'.
I have been made an Administrator or Content Editor but I still can't see the Admin section in engage.
These updates should happen instantly but you may need to refresh the page in your browser to see the change.
People have asked if they can change the key words every month for variety – what do you think?

While there is a bank of 58 keywords for you to choose from, we ask you to think carefully. Try and link them to language that you use in your company and its critical that you pick an equal number of Positive and Negative words or you will not get a balanced view of how people are feeling, which in turn will impact on the accuracy of the sentiment scoring.

We advise at most to change your word selections 4 times a year.

This is what people say about us!

Really impressed with the product and impact it can have and the energy and commitment demonstrated by the leadership team. A new product for a new age.
Julie Simpson
Julie Simpson
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