Release Notes

June 2019
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Last Release Date: 06/06/2019

What's New

Email notifications for News Articles (for News Administrators, for everyone)

We have introduced the option to email users when news articles are published. News editors will now see the option to "save and notify" when creating news articles. Selecting this option will send an email to all users in your organisation with a link to the relevant news article. Alternatively, if you wish the news article to be published at a later date, you can change the "Article Date" field to a date in the future and you will see a toggle next to it allowing you to choose whether to send an email notification on that date. You can see whether a notification has been sent either by looking at the audit history (accessible by clicking the info icon in the news list page) or by viewing the news article (a message will be displayed at the top of the page).

Please note that you may need to do a hard refresh to see the changes.


  • Praise email link goes to correct page
  • User list filter for disabled users after load more working correctly
May 2019
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Last Release Date: 16/05/2019

What's New

Praise Report (for Praise Administrators)

We have introduced an excel report for Praise data. There is a new permission for users called "Praise Export", which Company Administrators will be able to assign to relevant users. Users with this permission will see a button at the top right of the Praise page. You can select a date range for the report and the excel file will show a breakdown of praise by User, Department, Office Location and Company. Please note that the fields are case sensitive so for example, if you have records with departments of "Billing" and "BILLING", they will show as separate rows in the excel document.

Please note that you may need to do a hard refresh to see the changes.


121 Export (for Data Administrators)

We have updated the 121 export to include not started 121s which will make it easier for organisations to keep track of completion rates.

The export previously showed all 121s that had been submitted or completed for all users (both enabled and disabled) for a specified date range.

It will now include rows for users that have not yet submitted 121s – the row will just include their details and the fields for the 121 scores and text content will be blank.

Please note that the export will only include rows for not submitted 121s where the user is not currently disabled.

Praise Character Limit (for everyone)

We have increased the character limit for Praise and Praise comments to 100 characters.


Known Issues

  • Uploading JPG images to news articles does not work in Internet Explorer and JPG images in news articles will not display in Internet Explorer. We recommend using another browser or use PNG images only
April 2019
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Last Release Date: 16/04/2019

What's New

News Article Images (for News Editors, for everyone)

We have introduced the ability to add images to news articles. if you are a News Editor you will be able to take advantage of this update in the Manage News section. The Article Content editor now shows an image icon in the toolbar, which you can use to add images anywhere in the body of the news article.

The Upload option will allow you to upload an image from your computer that will be stored securely by Engage and will only be visible to users within your organisation that are signed in to Engage.

Adding an image using the Source textbox from an external source will not include any additional security. Please note that if you use images from a source that requires authentication (e.g. company intranet) you must ensure your audience has access to view the content.

There is a maximum file size limit of 2MB on images uploaded to Engage. We recommend trying to use smaller images to improve page load time for your users.

You may need to log out of Engage and do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 or CTRL+fn+F5) before logging in again to see the changes.


  • Events tampered error in Manage News and Manage Knowledge


March 2019
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Last Release Date: 28/03/2019

What's New

Multiple Knowledge Categories (for Knowledge Editors, for everyone)

We have introduced the ability to add multiple categories to Knowledge items. if you are a Knowledge Editor you will be able to take advantage of this update in the Manage Knowledge section. Categories are still free text fields so you can add anything you like or you can leave items without a category. To add a new category, type into the text box and click the plus icon. Please note that you cannot add the same category twice. To remove a category, click the cross icon. You can filter on multiple categories at once in the Manage Knowledge section.

Each category added will display next to the Knowledge item in the Knowledge page and you can filter on categories here too.


  • We have updated the login screen to use the Engage logo and show it in the footer as well
  • You can now see Department and Office Location in your Profile (My Engage)


  • 121 text boxes - resolved issues with the height of text boxes in IE11 and Edge
  • Various security improvements