Release Notes
June 2019
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Last Release Date: 06/06/2019

What's New

Email notifications for News Articles (for News Administrators, for everyone)

We have introduced the option to email users when news articles are published. News editors will now see the option to "save and notify" when creating news articles. Selecting this option will send an email to all users in your organisation with a link to the relevant news article. Alternatively, if you wish the news article to be published at a later date, you can change the "Article Date" field to a date in the future and you will see a toggle next to it allowing you to choose whether to send an email notification on that date. You can see whether a notification has been sent either by looking at the audit history (accessible by clicking the info icon in the news list page) or by viewing the news article (a message will be displayed at the top of the page).

Please note that you may need to do a hard refresh to see the changes.


  • Praise email link goes to correct page
  • User list filter for disabled users after load more working correctly
May 2019
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Last Release Date: 16/05/2019

What's New

Praise Report (for Praise Administrators)

We have introduced an excel report for Praise data. There is a new permission for users called "Praise Export", which Company Administrators will be able to assign to relevant users. Users with this permission will see a button at the top right of the Praise page. You can select a date range for the report and the excel file will show a breakdown of praise by User, Department, Office Location and Company. Please note that the fields are case sensitive so for example, if you have records with departments of "Billing" and "BILLING", they will show as separate rows in the excel document.

Please note that you may need to do a hard refresh to see the changes.


121 Export (for Data Administrators)

We have updated the 121 export to include not started 121s which will make it easier for organisations to keep track of completion rates.

The export previously showed all 121s that had been submitted or completed for all users (both enabled and disabled) for a specified date range.

It will now include rows for users that have not yet submitted 121s – the row will just include their details and the fields for the 121 scores and text content will be blank.

Please note that the export will only include rows for not submitted 121s where the user is not currently disabled.

Praise Character Limit (for everyone)

We have increased the character limit for Praise and Praise comments to 100 characters.


Known Issues

  • Uploading JPG images to news articles does not work in Internet Explorer and JPG images in news articles will not display in Internet Explorer. We recommend using another browser or use PNG images only
April 2019
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Last Release Date: 16/04/2019

What's New

News Article Images (for News Editors, for everyone)

We have introduced the ability to add images to news articles. if you are a News Editor you will be able to take advantage of this update in the Manage News section. The Article Content editor now shows an image icon in the toolbar, which you can use to add images anywhere in the body of the news article.

The Upload option will allow you to upload an image from your computer that will be stored securely by Engage and will only be visible to users within your organisation that are signed in to Engage.

Adding an image using the Source textbox from an external source will not include any additional security. Please note that if you use images from a source that requires authentication (e.g. company intranet) you must ensure your audience has access to view the content.

There is a maximum file size limit of 2MB on images uploaded to Engage. We recommend trying to use smaller images to improve page load time for your users.

You may need to log out of Engage and do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 or CTRL+fn+F5) before logging in again to see the changes.


  • Events tampered error in Manage News and Manage Knowledge


March 2019
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Last Release Date: 28/03/2019

What's New

Multiple Knowledge Categories (for Knowledge Editors, for everyone)

We have introduced the ability to add multiple categories to Knowledge items. if you are a Knowledge Editor you will be able to take advantage of this update in the Manage Knowledge section. Categories are still free text fields so you can add anything you like or you can leave items without a category. To add a new category, type into the text box and click the plus icon. Please note that you cannot add the same category twice. To remove a category, click the cross icon. You can filter on multiple categories at once in the Manage Knowledge section.

Each category added will display next to the Knowledge item in the Knowledge page and you can filter on categories here too.


  • We have updated the login screen to use the Engage logo and show it in the footer as well
  • You can now see Department and Office Location in your Profile (My Engage)


  • 121 text boxes - resolved issues with the height of text boxes in IE11 and Edge
  • Various security improvements 


February 2019
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Release Date: 06/02/2019

What's New

New Form Administrator Role (for admins)

We had added a new role to manage options related to 121s. The role is called Form Administrator. At this stage the role is only for 121 Reminders (see below) but we will be adding more features in the future. Company Administrators have the ability to change user roles and will now see the new Form Administrator role when viewing user records.

121 Reminders (for everyone)

We have introduced email reminders for 121 completion. Company Administrators and Form Administrators will be able to set a date for reminders to be sent to users if they have not submitted/completed that month's 121 on that date. An email will be sent to users that have not submitted their 121 and an email will be sent to Leaders that have not completed 121s for their directs. Administrators can choose from these options: no reminder, a specific date each month, a day and week of the month (e.g. the First Monday of each month). These settings can be found in the Admin area under Manage 121s and will be visible only to Company Administrators and Form Administrators.



User Import (for User Administrators)

We have modified the User Import to improve the user experience when importing a large number of users. If the import takes longer than 30 seconds we will continue to run the task in the background but you will be able to move away from the page and work on other things while it completes. Once the import has finished running you will receive an email to let you know if it completed successfully or if there are any errors/warnings. You will only receive an email if the import takes longer than 30 seconds.

Job Description (for everyone)

We have added a text area for Job Description to user records. Administrators can update this in the User Edit page or when doing a User Import (we have added a field to the blank template and included it in the export). The Job Description field will be shown on the User Edit page and in each user's My Engage page. This feature has limited capabilities at this stage but we have plans to introduce a People area so people can view profiles of everyone in the organisation, which would include the Job Description field.

Resend Invite (for User Administrators)

If your users report not receiving an email invite when you add or enable them in Engage, you can now resend the email manually. If the user does not receive an email after a couple of attempts please get in touch with our support team.



  • Security - improved security around roles and password reset tokens
  • User Setup - profile setup was showing error messages for some users
  • Email Delivery - resolved email delivery issues with our email provider which affected a small number of users


November 2018
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Release Date: 28/11/2018
Build: Nov2018

What's New

Praise Comments (for everyone)

We have introduced the ability to comment on praise items in the Praise feed. Anyone can comment on a praise item regardless of who sent or received it. Comments are limited to 70 characters and email notifications will be sent only to the person who sent the praise and the person who received the praise.

Performance Insights Filter (for Leaders and Data Administrators)

We have added a new user filter to the Performance Insights dashboard to make it easier to navigate between your own and others' insights. The user filter will look slightly different to each user depending on where you sit in the organisation hierarchy. Data Administrators have permissions to navigate the hierarchy to view any individual in the organisation; Leaders can navigate to view anyone below themselves in the organisation. Selecting a user in the filter will update the dashboard view to show insights for that user alone. You can jump back to your own view quickly by clicking the "back to me" link. You can use the search box below the hierarchy view to search for a specific user instead - this has the same permissions as the hierarchy view.

Please note that there is a known issue with the "Sentiment keywords over multiple months" chart when viewing in IE11. We are working towards a resolution for this but we advise that you use a different browser in the meantime (we recommend Chrome).

Team Insights (for Leaders)

We have added a new dashboard for leaders to view insights for their teams as a whole as well as viewing key statistics for their directs' teams as well (if your directs have teams). This dashboard shows very similar charts as the Performance Insights page except that in some charts it uses data averaged across your directs rather than on an individual basis. You can access this dashboard from the Performance section and you can click the question mark icon at the top of each chart to see a description.

Company Data (for Data Administrators)

You will see a new page in the Admin section called "Company Data". This page will be built upon over the coming months but in this initial release it will allow you to see the progress of 121s completed for a selected month and export 121 data. The 121 Progress Chart will show the total number of 121s submitted and completed for each month as a percentage of the total number of enabled users in your organisation. The data export will export all 121 data to an excel file for a specified date range. Only Data Administrators can view this section.


Performance Insights (for everyone)

We have modified the Performance Insights page to improve usability. Charts showing data over time are now full width so you can see 12 months of data at once. Each chart has its own date filter. We have reduced the number of charts to make it easier to get an overview of your performance at a glance. We have added explanations for what data each chart is showing; just click on the question mark icon at the top of each chart to see a description. If you have any suggestions for new charts or improvements to existing charts then please get in touch! Please note that the Keyword Cloud may display differently in IE11. We recommend using another browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

121 Editing (for everyone)

We have had some feedback regarding 121 editing and have removed the requirement to click on an edit button and then click on the tick button to confirm changes to existing sections in your 121. From now on any completed sections of your 121 will appear in edit mode at all times and you can make changes as needed. If you make any changes and try to leave the page without saving you will be alerted to this and will be given the option to stay and save or leave without saving.

Praise Layout (for everyone)

Praise has been moved to one page. You will now see the Praise Feed on the same page as you can search for someone to praise.

Footer (for everyone)

We have added a footer to engage with links to the Product Roadmap; Release Notes; Terms & Conditions; and Privacy Policy.

Marketing Email Opt In (for Company Administrators)

We have added a checkbox for company administrators to let us know if your organisation would be happy to receive occasional marketing emails. Only the designated Key Contact would receive these emails and you can opt out at any time. For new customers, the checkbox will be available in the Setup page; for existing customers it can be updated from the Manage Company page.



  • Performance Insights - Chart labels are now readable on mobile, keyword cloud text made larger to improve display on mobile


October 2018
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Release Date: 31/10/2018
Build: Oct2018

What's New

Categories on Knowledge items (for Knowledge Editors)

An additional text field has been added to Knowledge items to allow you to assign a category. It is an optional text field. Please ensure that you check for spelling and consistency when adding categories. Categories will be displayed on the Knowledge list page next to the title of the Knowledge item. Please note Knowledge items will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Search and Filter on Knowledge (for everyone)

We have added a search and filter section to Knowledge (and the Manage Knowledge section for Knowledge Editors). You can search for a Knowledge item by title (please note this only searches the Title property, it does not search the URL or Category). You can filter on the new Categories property (see above) - all categories are shown by default. You are able to select multiple categories and you can include non categorised items too. Please note Knowledge items will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Manage 121 Keywords (for Company Administrators)

Company administrators can now modify the Keywords used in 121s by selecting from a bank of words. You must select exactly 9 positive words and 9 negative words. You do not have to modify the keywords - the original keywords have been selected as defaults. If you modify the keywords they will be available for selection in 121s immediately. If anyone has already started a 121 (saved but not submitted) and selected keywords that you have removed, those keywords will be retained in that 121 but the new keywords will be displayed too. Completed 121s will remain unchanged. We strongly recommend that you do not change the keywords regularly as it could affect the quality of your analytics data. We suggest you review the keywords available; try to change them at a point in the month where most of your employees are not completing 121s; and change them no more than once every 3 months. 


Consolidated Leader 121 (for Leaders)

The number of fields to complete in the Leader part of the 121 has been reduced. Leaders will be presented with their direct's Keywords, Positives, Challenges and Summary before being asked for input. Scores and Next Actions will follow the summary and are unchanged. The final stage of the Leader 121 is a Summary of the month - this should include relevant comments on any of the areas from the Direct's content.

Automated News Article Publishing (for News Editors)

The News Article Date field was added in the Sept2018 build, allowing you to select your own date to be shown on news article. We are introducing automated publishing this month. If an unpublished news article has an Article Date in the future, it will be published on that date automatically.



  • Performance Insights - 121 Progress Chart showed too many 121s completed
  • Praise and User List - Search By Name only searched for Display Name - it will now search Display Name, Given Name and Surname
  • 121 - Page was jumping in IE11 when a lot of text was added to an input area


September 2018
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Release Date: 26/09/2018
Build: Sept2018

What's New

News article date (for news editors)

Article Date field added to News Articles to allow users to choose a date for news articles. This field is prepopulated with today’s date. The Article Date will display in the News Article page and on the News List page. The News List will be sorted based on Article Date. News items created prior to this release will have the Article Date set as their last Publish Date or the Last Saved date if the item has never been published.

Employee number field (for company administrators and user administrators)

A free text field for Employee Number has been added to the Edit User page and the Import Users Excel template. This field is optional and can be used however you wish. The feature was requested to allow an organisation to include their own unique identifier in user records in engage, making it easier to apply changes to user records in bulk.

Disable users automatically using End Date (for company administrators and user administrators)

Start and End Date fields are now editable from the User Edit page. These fields are optional. If the End Date is populated, that user’s status will be automatically set to Disabled when the end date is reached.

FAQ Bot (beta feature)

An FAQ Bot has been added to the Help Menu (select “I have a question”). This can be used to get answers to common questions. It is a preview feature and enhancements will be delivered in the coming months.


Video guides (for users with an Administrator or Editor role)

Video clips walking through key features of engage have been added to the Admin area.

Navigation Changes

The main navigation has been modified to make it easier to find help and support. The menu on the left side of the navigation bar now contains the “Sign out” link only. The help menu (the question mark icon on the right of the navigation bar) now contains the following options:

  • I have a question – opens our FAQ Bot
  • Report an issue – user our Bug Report to report a problem
  • View our FAQ list – visit our full list of FAQs
  • Contact details – find out how to get in touch

The menu on the far right remains unchanged.

Invitation emails for new users sent only when user is enabled (for company administrators and user administrators)

Invitation emails will be sent to new users only if they are set as enabled. If an existing user is disabled and enabled again, a new invitation email will be sent.

Improvements to roles

We have modified our roles to give you more control over what your users have access to. We have added some new roles and split up some existing roles. For existing users, you will see your roles have changed to the equivalent of what they were (e.g. Content Editors will now have News Editor and Knowledge Editor roles). Below is a list of our new role structure:

  • News Editor
    • Create, edit, publish News items
  • Knowledge Editor
    • Create, edit, publish Knowledge items
  • User Administrator
    • Create, edit, publish, import Users
  • Company Administrator
    • Edit Company details; create, edit, publish, import Users; edit User Roles
  • Data Administrator (features in development)
    • View, export all user 121 data
  • Billing Administrator (features in development)
    • View, edit payment details

If you wish to make any changes to your users’ roles, you can modify them on the User Edit page or by using the Excel Import feature. Please note that only Company Administrators can make changes to user roles.

Publicly available release notes

Release notes have been added to our website and will be updated whenever we push a release. A notification banner in the engage web app will be shown with a link to the release notes when these are updated.

Start and end date fields

Date fields have been added to the User Edit page (they were only in excel import file previously). These fields are optional.

Bug Report

On submitting a Bug Report your Organisation ID and your User Role will be sent to our support staff along with your message. This will help our support team assist you as quickly as possible.


  • Performance Insights - score card for past year showed the wrong values
  • 121 Emails - leader 121 completion email showed wrong name
  • Login - login was failing when # was used in passwords
  • User Profile - errors on saving profile image