Here are some FAQs about engage:
How do I get in touch if something isn't working correctly?

Please review our FAQs first but if that doesn't solve your problem you can access our support team by emailing or by clicking on the help icon from the engage navigation bar - please provide as much detail as possible and include screenshots where relevant.

Who can sign up?

engage is open to companies of all sizes! One authorised representative from your organisation should sign up through our website and create a user account and company profile. They will then be able to invite more users from their organisation and manage user roles/permissions.

How do I invite people to join my organisation in engage?

Users can be created in the Admin area of engage either by creating individual records or by importing in bulk.
Creating a user will automatically send an email inviting the user to join engage.

I've signed up for engage but I haven't received an email.
Please check your spam or clutter folder in your email client. If the email isn't there then please try signing up again.
If you still don't receive an email then send our support team an email.
I created a user with the wrong email address. How do I fix it?

Email addresses cannot be edited after creation. You can disable the user and create a new one with the correct email address.

Why is the Performance Insights box greyed out?

We will be launching statistics very soon - keep an eye out!

Why do I have to add two images to news articles and where can I see them?

The layout of the news list page requires different sized images depending on the order of the list. We ask for two images
so that you can pick images that look good on both. You can view the news list by clicking on the News box on the homepage.

I am using IE11 and I cannot create or save news articles, what should I do?

Currently in IE11 if you select the same image for both the large and small image on news items it will not allow you to save or create. We are working on a fix for this but in the meantime you should find that the issue is resolved if you move/resize the cropper on the small image. Please note that the issue occurs only in IE11.

I've changed the company logo but it hasn't updated for me or my users.

You may need to sign out and sign in again or close and re-open your browser to see the logo update. If the problem persists please get in touch with our support team.

Knowledge item links and external news article links aren't working.
Please ensure you type the full url into the text box including 'https://' or 'http://'.
I've opened engage but pages aren't loading completely and I can't see my profile picture.
Please sign out using the user icon at the top left of the page and sign in again. If this does not resolve your issue please get in touch with our support team.
What browsers are compatible with the application?

engage has been built to work in all modern browsers.
It has been tested specifically in Chrome 67, Firefox 61, Edge 17, IE11 and Safari 11 across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Does the site work on an iPhone or Android phone?
Yes - please visit engage using the browser on your mobile device.
How do I feedback suggestions to you?

Any feedback should be submitted via the email address found on the Contact page of engage:

I am a leader and I cannot see my directs in engage.

Please check with your administrator that your directs have been invited to join engage and that they have set up their user profile.

Does the application time out?
engage should renew your session automatically. If you experience any error notifications or problems loading pages you should try either refreshing the page or clicking on your user image on the top left and selecting "Sign out", which will then redirect you to the login page to sign in again.
If I realise I have made a mistake in my 121 after I have sent it to my leader, can I or my leader rectify the mistake?
Submitted 121s are not editable so make sure you review your 121 before completing it.
Some of the details in my user profile are incorrect; how can I update these?
Please contact your administrator to update user details.
Can I save my 121 at any point and come back to it later?
Yes just click on the save button, the application will indicate with a save message when complete.
What is the sentiment analysis score?
We analyse text content in your 121 to determine your overall sentiment for the month using a scale of 1 through 5, where 1 is least positive and 5 is most positive.
I have been made an Administrator or Content Editor but I still can't see the Admin section in engage.
These updates should happen instantly but if you can't see the Admin section try refreshing the page in your browser or signing out and in again.
I am an administrator; how do I allow users to sign in with a Microsoft account?
Users can sign in with Microsoft if their User Object ID from Active Directory is populated in their user profile by an administrator.