Product Roadmap
Near Term Goals
Payments and Subscriptions Admin
Customer access to API to sync employee data with their own HR system Admin
Ability to comment on Praise with colleagues Praise
Provide administrators with export feature for 121 data Admin
Enhancement of Performance Dashboard Insights
Ability to Praise multiple users at once Praise
Allow multiple categories on Knowledge Itms Knowledge
Leader 121 Consolidation Completed
Ability to create categorise Knowledge items Completed
Search and Filter capability for Knowledge items Completed
Ability for organisations to manage 121 Keywords Completed
Medium Term Goals
User morale scoring Insights
Enhanced Sentiment Analysis suite Insights
3rd party integration; survey tools etc. Integration
Enhanced reporting for Data Administrators Insights
FAQ Bot development Support
Ability for administrators to delete users and all user data Admin
Long Term Goals
User referral scheme Admin
Praise insights Insights