The engage product roadmap

What we're working on and what we have planned for the future

Below you’ll find the engage roadmap.  It's a high-level overview of what we've got planned at Engage Your People HQ.

The roadmap gives you an idea of what we're working on and our long term vision for engage.

For an overview of the features that have already been delivered, please visit our Release Notes


Brand refresh

Improve the overall User Interface and apply the engage brand throughout the web app. We'll be creating a more cohesive look and feel for the web app, bringing it in line with our corporate website.

Editable email addresses

Users with the Manage Users permission will be able to edit email addresses in user records. You'll be able to update users where there has been a typo in the email address or if a user's email address has changed.

Improved permissions structure

We're moving to a permissions model where each permission has one function so it will be clearer what each permission is for. We'll be improving the user interface for editing user permissions; adding checks to ensure that organisations have at least one user with permission-editing privileges; and providing permissions groups (e.g. Manage News and Manage Knowledge would be under Content Management).


Active Directory integration

We will be introducing the option for you to integrate with your Active Directory so that users can sign in with their Microsoft account. You'll also be able to sync your user records with Active Directory.

Microsoft Teams integration

We'll be providing various integrations with Microsoft Teams, including the ability to view analytics inside Teams and receive engage notifications via Teams. At this stage this will be dependant on your organisation integrating with Active Directory (see above).

Analytics Enhancements

We're looking to overhaul the Analytics areas in the web app to make it easier for you to get an overview of the company data, as well as improving how you can drill down to view more granular information.

This will include company-wide charts; filtering by department, site, team; and the ability to view reports in-app.


Two Factor Authentication

We're planning on introducing 2FA to engage regardless of whether your organisation integrates Active Directory or uses the engage authentication system.

Organisations will be able to opt-in or out of using 2FA.

Long term goals

Allow your users to set long term goals with the ability to update progress and submit to their leader for review.

Next actions

We'll be moving Next Actions outside 121s so that your users can update them throughout the month.

They'll still be visible and editable from the 121 each month but we're hoping this will encourage more regular monitoring of progress and performance.

Users will be able to propose and mark actions complete that leaders can then review and confirm.

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