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Why engage your people?

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"Employee engagement changed my life and the lives of my children, so while the benefits of engaged employees at work are well documented, more importantly for me, engaged employees have happier healthier home lives."


Kate Wood,

Co-founder and Culture Director at Engage Your People.


"engage" was born out of the company Chess; voted in the Top 10 Glassdoor tech companies to work for in the world in 2018.

Its people voted Chess into the 'Sunday Times Top 100' companies to work for in the UK over the past 10 years.  In 2014, 63rd, then jumping to 3rd in 2015, then 2nd, 2nd again in 2017 and in 2018 finally No 1 in the UK.


Technology was driving Culture and now Culture was driving technology; it was working.  Consistency and rigour was the backbone of the cultural methodology


The Digital business of Chess lead by Alan Cassidy (Co-founder and Managing Director at Engage Your People) designed 'engage'; using the knowledge and real-life experience to create an application to change the working lives of our people and for better-informed leadership. engage as an application is the voice of all employees; from part-time worker to CEO.

The opportunity led to Alan and Kate leaving Chess to focus solely on 'engage', having secured start-up investment from July 2019.  


The team built “engage”  to drive modern communication, so that our people could tell engage how they feel... and then engage could tells us how they “really” feel!


We are now taking what has worked for us - blending culture and technology - to offer it to all organisations, so they too can improve the lives of their people and increase business performance.


Our goal is to transform people's family life through culture at work; it is such a simple way to improve the world, at EYP HQ we believe engaging your people really change lives.


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