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Experts in culture change consultancy 

As well as our Software as a Service product we offer Culture as a Service, this is an expert consultancy service to support your organisation in becoming the very best place to work, where your employees feel valued and cared for. What ever change you are making to your organisational culture we can support you.  


With many organisations having to furlough and then un- furlough employees having a defined cultural strategy that works for both home and office workers has never been more important. 




"Cisco realised early on, that great authentic leadership requires a capability to checkin with your team on a regular basis, which was a key part to how Cisco became The No.1 Great Place To Work globally. It’s great to see Kate leading Engage Your People, to deliver this capability to her clients to directly impact truly great leadership and the company culture it drives"

Phil Baker , Managing Director Cisco

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Can we help improve your organisation culture?

We can help you understand what is best for your organisation

We work in a number of ways including project based, day rate or hosting workshops at our office. Contact us directly for prices, we always work around your needs and budget.



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This is what people say about us!

  • Kate Brunning
    We’ve learnt simple changes to our people’s experience and lift their engagement on the spot by understanding individually what was motivating them and demotivating them. ​
    Kate Brunning Director of People at Virtual 1
  • Capture
    "We connected as a leadership team and this session has helped us to develop a clear roadmap to develop and enhance our working culture”
    Helen Ratcliff Marketing Director - UK & ROI at Michelin
  • Paul Mason
    To say that Kate is passionate about engagement and the development of her colleagues really doesn’t do it justice - her enthusiasm/energy come through in spades.
    Paul Mason Director of Programme Delivery, Mobile, Voice, Sport, TV and Broadband at BT at BT

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